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Reflexology Courses

If you are interested in any of these courses please contact Susan at the Reflexology Studio

Reflexology Beginnings *
Designed for those interested in reflexology and wanting to know more on how, when and who to do.

The day introduces you to the principle of mapping the body on the feet followed by learning a basic reflexology ‘treatment’ suitable to use on family and friends. Also included is the history and action of reflexology and reasons for giving a treatment and having reflexology.

Fun begins when we learn the treatment sequence and ‘practise’ on each other.

Hand Reflexology *
Hand Reflexology as a stand alone treatment is as effective as foot reflexology. Equally, hand reflexology delivers a valuable addition to any foot reflexology session both synergistically and as homework.

The day introduces and teaches you the basics of body mapping on the hand and learning the reflexology sequence so that your friends, family and clients will benefit too.

Foot Reading *
Fluff and dirt on the foot is more than just fluff or dirt and a corn is not just a corn. Is it possible they could have deeper meanings?

Curious? Then this is the course to learn more and give you the skills to interpret this type of information. Certainly a fascinating and fun day.

Foot Pain Exposed *
What makes the feet painful and ache? And can we help as reflexologists? These questions and more are examined on the day plus learning new techniques that will enable your client to ‘put their best foot forward’ without pain!

Starting with the foot and its anatomy you will travel through the causes of aches and pains from gout to Morton’s neuroma. The day delivers an alternative view of the foot than just reflexes.

The Luxuries *
The Luxuries are beautifully crafted additional techniques to make your reflexology session even more special. They add relaxation and a spiritual essence both to the treatment and your client.

The Luxuries incorporates the Brazilian Toe Hold, simple yet effective for the most difficult insomniacs, Chakra balance for our spiritually seeking individuals, hormone balance for stress relief and lymph drainage for those a little under the weather.

*No previous reflexology experience needed, however, having had treatments will help.